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3 Ways to Promote your Workplace Culture
Workplace culture is one of the most important factors that candidates consider when they are choosing a new role, particularly for millennials and zoomers.
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Are Your Company's Benefits Up to Scratch?
Quick! Name the top 3 benefits of working with your company! If you hesitated or realised that you had to scrape the barrel to find all 3 benefits then you need to do something about it...
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Smart devices - What is their impact?
What is the point of having an attention-grabbing & enticing job description when your target audience won’t even see it? If your careers board & application process are not optimized for...
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3 Tips To Get The Most Value From Your Interns
More and more companies appear to be interested in the concept of internships but what can you do to ensure that you are maximizing the value of this opportunity both for the individual and the organization?  All too often people treat interns as cheap or even free labour but don’t take anything more from them.
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4 Reasons to Encourage Your Employees to go on Holiday
Millennials love to travel. They will carefully keep track of their annual leave entitlement to determine whether they should make a trip to the Maldives this year or save that for when they have more days available and take a road trip instead.
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Why You Should Hire Purposeful People
Do you ever find yourself halfway through a task only to wonder why you are doing it? What is the point? If you remembered the point then I can almost guarantee that you quickly completed the task. However, if you never found a compelling reason then it is highly likely that you struggled to get through it. So, what does this tell you?
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What's all the nonsense about Generations?
I – Generation, millennials, Generation Y, Generation X, Generation Z, baby boomers... what does it all mean? There are literally thousands of articles written with opinions and commentary about the generations...
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The Business Case for Hiring Graduates
When I first heard someone from senior management utter the words “Do you think we really need to hire graduates and run a  graduate programme?”  I felt immediately uneasy; “Of course we do, it’s a no brainer” I replied quickly fearing for the security of my job, I wasn’t totally sure what was the evidence to this belief but knew it just made sense.
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The Key to Innovation: Increase Creativity
It is creativity that breeds innovation in the workplace. Those using more traditional and less creative methods seem to take a lot longer to reach the same level of innovation. But what is it that makes some teams more creative than others?