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Meet the team

Miura Elikana

Senior Consulting Coordinator

Miura Elikana
Smiling young engagement lead Miura

Ke ola! Miura is a Senior Consulting Coordinator at ICE (Inspire, Create & Engage), a team of young professionals changing the game for future generations in their early in careers journeys.

In her role Miura cultivates programmes for students and young professionals ensuring they remain grounded in their roots with the opportunities and encouragement to thrive in their passions. Serving a village that supports young people amid big stage of growth is something Miura counts as a huge privilege.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Event Management, Miura actually loved uni so much stayed for over a decade. If you hadn’t noticed, maximising opportunities to learn, up-skill and be part of community are huge strengths for Miura. She’s even still involved in measuring what matters as she completes her Master's research, exploring the barriers and success strategies to transcend low literacy and numeracy skills for Pacific People.

Miura is passionate about building relationships based on respect and sees reciprocity as key to maintaining good va (relational space). You’ll find a genuine connection, a drive for excellence and lots of laughs when you get in touch with Miura to hear what she can do for you or your company.

Fast facts about Miura

  • Favourite hobby

    🗺 Traveling and experiencing new places and culture

  • Hidden talent

    🧭 Geographically orientated

  • Favourite quote

    Say yes to opportunities and figure out how to do it later.

  • Shout me a drink of...

    🧋 Taro milk tea with pearls bubble tea or Paloma

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