4 Reasons to Encourage Your Employees to go on Holiday

Millennials love to travel. They will carefully keep track of their annual leave entitlement to determine whether they should make a trip to the Maldives this year or save that for when they have more days available and take a road trip instead. While some managers shiver at the thought of this hobby, we have a different take on it. When you hire someone who is passionate about the company and the job that they are doing, their penchant for vacations is something to be encouraged! And it’s not just millennials who can benefit from the chance to go somewhere new. So what are the benefits of encouraging your staff to take a break to travel?

1 – They work harder! Have you ever wondered why Sam is suddenly volunteering for extra shifts? Or why Monica’s sales are at an all-time high? Having an exciting trip coming up is an excellent motivator. Not only does working hard help the time fly by while they are counting down the days till their departure, their desire to have extra spending money is also a significant factor in the increased productivity.

2 – They are less stressed and more productive! So what happens to all that great motivation when they return? Firstly, if your employees are truly bitten by the travel bug then they will already be planning their next adventure. Secondly, it has been well documented that those who have returned from an enjoyable vacation are less stressed than those who have not been away and therefore, they are more efficient & productive in their role.

3 – They are richer for having had the experience! Whether you are young or old, immersing yourself in another culture and a new environment, even if for only a week, can broaden your outlook on life. Those who have had the opportunity to meet new people and get out of their daily routine gain a sense of confidence and inspiration.

4 – They are happier! The bottom line is that employees who have the opportunity to take a break are generally happier than those who have not. This happiness can only be a good thing for everyone! Whether this break was simply taking an extra-long weekend to visit family out of town or if it was 3 weeks traveling around Thailand, it is important to have a break and a change of scene.