Smart devices - What is their impact?

What is the point of having an attention-grabbing & enticing job description when your target audience won’t even see it? If your careers board & application process are not optimized for mobile devices, then there is a good chance that the candidates that you need will not bother to look at your role. If they do look at it, there is a slim chance that they will actually apply for it if they cannot apply directly from their smart device.

A Kelton Global Research Survey found that 70% of respondents are “willing to apply for a job via a smartphone” and that the majority of them use their mobile device throughout the application process, from the initial search for new opportunities all the way to following up on their application. These numbers are projected to increase as mobile devices become even more powerful. Gone are the days where people need to sit down in front of their computer and allocate a lot of time for the job hunt. Instead, new opportunities are at their fingertips as soon as they pick up their phone. This makes things far more convenient for people who are always on the move. But what does this mean for someone who is trying to attract these energetic & tech savvy candidates? Investing in improving your mobile recruiting strategy could have a significant impact on your next hiring season.

Your website’s front page might look great on a smartphone but have you checked out your careers board? Is it easy to navigate? Does the candidate need to load a new page every time they want to find out more about a particular opening? Are they able to easily apply directly from their mobile device? According to the same Kelton Global Research Survey, 60% of respondents said that “they would be deterred from completing an application if they encountered tech hurdles.” Slow websites, the inability to upload their CV and a lack of relevant content optimized for their mobile device are all factors that could put off a potential applicant. Candidates also use their devices to find out everything that they can about a company, which involves navigating through multiple pages on your own website as well as viewing your social media content. After all of this research, they might want to get in touch with you directly and the easier you make this, the more likely they will be to click the button. Ensure that all of this content is maximized & fully functional on a mobile device and you could increase the number of applications that you receive.

Millennials are known for looking for the most efficient way to get things done and the job hunt is no different. Focus on improving your mobile recruiting strategy and you will reap the rewards!