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We are passionate, purposeful advocates of young professionals.

three young women laughing together at work

What gets us out of bed in the morning?

People do. Creating bright futures for young people from all backgrounds drives every little thing that we do. At ICE we’re a team of young professionals and allies of young people who are passionate about championing other young people. We know what it was like to be fresh out of high school. The confusion. The indecision. The fear. Because for most of us, it wasn’t that long ago. Now we’re committed to making sure other young people have the knowledge, support, and opportunities that we never did.

But that’s only half the story...

We’re also passionate about the professional landscape and seeing businesses thrive. Here’s where we collaborate to see sustainable impact across our communities, starting with organisations. We believe confident, curious and capable young people entering the workforce will only benefit the organisations that take a punt on them. And we’re proud to be part of fostering cultures in workplaces so that every employee knows they belong.

Work with us!

If you’re passionate about supporting young people in their careers and fostering strong, efficient teams in a positive workplace culture – we’re here to help.

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