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Meet Nerony

Nerony is a Student 360 Alumni who has done a placement at a tech consultancy company in the CBD.

He has had a successful start to his tertiary studies. Nerony finished high school with a Pacific Excellence scholarship that has helped him with his study fees and accommodation.

Nerony is currently studying Bachelor of Health Science at Uni of Auckland and is currently trying to get into Medical school to study Pathology.

“The Student 360 Programme gave me a perspective of the real world. I found that the Office Job wasn’t really for me. My placement made me realize how complex the hiring process is. Business was one of my initial interest with Health. After my placement and my exposure in working in a real business company and my Health experience via school, Student 360 helped me make a choice between my two interests.

I felt relieved that I finally settled on a degree path. Student 360 made me feel secure in my decisions, especially with the experience I had with them and the support from my family.

I was very worried starting Uni, especially living on my own in a new environment. I made friends and it’s not too far from home and I can always go back when I’m missing family. Everything is better now. It’s quite hard to keep up but if you study and find the right study method it’s easy to get into especially when it is something you’re passionate about.

To the future students joining the Student 360 Programme I’d say Just do it! Go for it! It’s a good way to experience what the world has to offer and a good starting point. Especially when the Student 360 team support you with Career pathway and CV sessions. The placement itself is a good stepping stone in building your CV. Not many high school students get to graduate with work experience in a professional industry.

The Student 360 programme is a good opportunity for clients to increase the work force and spread awareness on their company. It would be good to see the big companies come into schools and take students for placements because it is so rare seeing companies get involved with the community especially out South. The placement I had and the companies who took students have shown that they believe we are worthy, we have the skills and the capacity to bring value to the company. Their commitment to Pacific and Maori students / South Auckland schools can be very impactful to us. There is often doubt or the perception that we will not be good enough to make it into the professional industry and all it takes is for one company to show that they see you and care about your development. It can really change a student’s perception.”

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