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We remember what it was like being fresh out of uni. Because for most of us, it wasn’t that long ago. Should we do this? Or apply for that? What does this mean? How can I get there? It’s a stressful time trying to get your foot in the door. We get it. And we’re here to help. From improving your CV, to practicing interview questions, to networking events and more, helping young professionals in their careers is the heart and soul of what we do. Because we believe you’ve got what it takes to succeed. And sometimes that belief is all it takes.

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What to expect

Early careers is our thing, and we recognise the need to keep fuelling young people with knowledge, skills and practical experience to thrive. You can expect a relational and practical approach to all our training. We’ll get to know you through an onboarding process to understand your background, strengths and goals. You’ll be invited into our online and in person networks to connect with our team of young professionals, leading organisations and other young people in the same boat! With access to role opportunities, development, mentoring and networking the whole way through we really build relationships to last and celebrate with you the wins throughout your career.

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We design and deliver bespoke programmes to strengthen teams.

Our goal is to create equal opportunity for young people in our community. Here are some of the programmes we run, in addition to designing bespoke programmes to suit every team’s needs.

The Growth Project - Whakaahu Whakamua

A programme to grow opportunities for Māori and Aotearoa New Zealand, by seeing rangatahi thrive in workplaces and progress
into leadership positions.


A holistic opportunity enabling Year 12 and Year 13 students to dive into the world of work, explore their passions and gain first-hand work experience.

Phoenix Gen

A community for students, graduates and young professionals who identify in the migrant and refugee community as Middle Eastern, Latin American, African, Asian, or Continental European.

Niu Pathways

All about empowering career pathways for Pasifika students and graduates, Niu is a village fostering successful journeys 
for young Pasifika.

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