We believe the world of work and emerging talent within this world has changed extensively and organisations now need to build agile people strategies to meet their people acquisition and development needs both present and future. We work with you to design strategic people programmes relevant to the world of work today that provide strong core competencies; ideal traits and characteristic development with the added benefit of being adaptable to the moving parts of your organisation.


We do this by:


  • People mapping

  • Design, Re-design and evaluate

  • Graduate Programmes

  • Internship Programmes

  • High School leaver Programmes

  • Returnship programme

  • High Potential People Programmes

  • Employer Branding Campaigns

  • Social & Digital Campaigns 



Once the design of your organisations talent strategy is finalised – how do you deliver a forward thinking programme to potential people? How can you deliver it in a way that reveals the core competencies in your ideal people and ensures you are able to identify the right fit? 

Here at ICE we leverage new technologies with new thinking. We can support you across the full vertical funnel of the people cycle from acquisition to assessment. What does that mean? 

- Intelligent Brand and People Attraction 
- Employer branding 
- Social and digital engagement 
- Selection methodologies 
- Video interviews
- Game based assessments 
- Situational judgement assessments 
- Diversity analysis 
- Translation services 
- High volume people long and shortlisting services 
- Assessment methodologies 
- Assessment centre design 
- Assessment centre facilitation 
- Virtual Assessment centre facilitation



The professional environment has become increasingly dynamic and influenced by technology and automation of various aspects that nullify traditional skill-sets. This has resulted in a greater emphasis on transferable personable skills across roles that are essential to the foundation of an emerging candidate’s career development.

Developing these skills among your people is not only essential for their own careers, but also the core competencies and functionality of your organisation. We help facilitate this development through our range of specialised strategic programmes supported by the embedment of technology throughout. This approach enables us to deliver initiatives in a variety of methods such as:

- Early Talent Workshops 
- Graduate Induction Workshops 
- High performing early talent development workshops 
- Development centres 
- Mentoring & Coaching 
- Line Manager development workshops

Harnessing this potential is critical to the holistic success of your organisation and establishing a synergy between potential and actuality allows us to identify the appropriate blend of strategies to effectively acquire, develop and retain your people. This subsequently enhances your employer branding and perception for aspiring individuals seeking career opportunities and progression.